The development of the design and/or concept of the video / CGI asset
A sequence of drawings that helps to visually imagine the director's vision of how to shoot a video. This is the basis for building the entire filming period, as well as the perfect way to convey the director's ideas to all participants in the process.
Type of video consisting of a static pictures' series. It is necessary to calculate the timing of the scene, seeing it in the dynamics, finding editing joints and transitions between frames. May have
a soundtrack for a clear vision of the future video.
One of the most important stages of the preparatory period. It forms a common vision for all participants in the filming process and the customer before the shooting and helps efficiently allocate time on the site, avoid mistakes, as well as present the project while pitching or crowdfunding.
Script creation and development
The preparation of a verbal description of what we see on the screen. It usually displays the actions of the characters, details of the situation, and props with remarks on editing, camera movements, and directing.
A preparatory stage consists of design (concept), storyboard, animation, previsualization, and script.
There are many varieties and genres of animation, but their goal is a common one - to "revive" the assets created by artists.

Motion capture is extremely popular in the creation of cartoons and movies. It allows you to digitize the movements of actors and use it to control the 3D model of the character.
Color correction
A basic video correction (setting white balance, contrast, etc.)
Color correction
A basic video correction (setting white balance, contrast, etc.).
A multifaceted process of changing the visual tone of the whole film, with which you can convey its theme, mood, and aesthetics. The process is much more complex and time-consuming than color correction.
Development of assets
Characters Environment
A process of creating 3D models from several images of one object photographed from different angles.
3D Scanning
A process of creating 3D models using a 3D scanner.
Augmented and virtual reality (AR / VR)
Creating content for augmented and virtual reality.
VFX Supervising
VFX equipment rental
In our work, we use professional and high-quality equipment that we provide for rent . This is the perfect way to reduce costs and get a quality product at the same time.
Supervision of the shooting process
We provide the services of a special effects specialist. At the Pre-Production stage, he determines the possibility to make a certain special effect and which method will be the most effective for this. At the Production stage, this important person ensures the correct shooting of scenes using computer graphics, for example, places tracking, markers, removes HDRI maps, etc.
A set of organizational and technical measures for the correct shooting and preparation of materials for the production of visual effects and post-production
The processing of video material, when we finish something, or, conversely, erase. For example, we can visually adjust the appearance of the actor or remove from the picture camera equipment, cables, etc.
Matte painting
A technology of combined shooting when the natural part of the frame is combined with a collage image. It's done to create the illusion of the environment when it can not be removed directly or reproduced with the help of scenery.
The preparation of video in accordance with the technical requirements for TV channels (for each channel they are different) or cinema (this is a separate specific format). A set of organizational and technical measures for the correct shooting and preparation of materials for visual effects and post-production.
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